Corporate Responsibility Framework

The Framework hinges on the following elements, which also serve as criteria in assessing the company’s CSR programs and processes.


The PBSP points out that business leaders “play a central role in championing corporate citizenship in behaving in ways that are consistent with the company’s principles, values, and purposes, and are responsive to the expectations of its various stakeholders. “They must be able to convince their internal publics –owners, shareholders, and employees– that the company’s viability “goes hand in hand with the social and environmental benefits it owes to the communities where it operates.


Written policy statements are necessary to define the company’s behavior and guide the internal stakeholders’ decision-making process for the practice of CSR.


CSR programs must be well defined and based on the shareholder expectations and business needs. A match between community needs and the company’s corporate social agenda ensures effective collaboration and program sustainability. Internal CSR means taking care of employees and making sure that their processes does not pollute the environment.


Once CSR becomes an integral part of business operations, appropriate management systems and procedures should be put in place to equip an organization with the infrastructure that enables people to carry out the company’s CSR agenda. Enabling technologies include an organizational structure, unit, or personnel explicitly charged to develop and coordinate the CSR function such as communicating the  company’s CSR agenda among employees and the public.


With the growing popularity of CSR, NGOs, communities, and investors alike demand that they be informed on what the companies are doing and to support their claims of success with clear and verifiable measures. Thus the company must adopt a measurement and reporting mechanism.

SOURCE: Corporate Citizenship: How companies can do good while doing well. Business World Special Feature. 14 February 2005


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